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Hello Year 5! How are you all? Hope you're keeping your bedrooms tidy and helping around the house?!

I've brought our class story home to have a look at and I was thinking how lovely it would be if I could read it to you all via a video link..... I really want to know how Felix gets on with the big chess competition. I'll try and work how I can read it to you so you can have a listen..........

So....I'll post something on here each week and look forward to seeing you all soon.

Year 5 weekly learning grid 23.03.20

Multiplication gridReading "The Big Debate"Writing taskCheck Mates - Ross

Week 2




Hi Year 5 - I recorded this last Friday so please excuse me wishing you a great weekend, have a great week instead!


Week 3

Hello Year 5! How are you? Have you been enjoying the lovely sunshine? It's been gorgeous hasn't it!

So our new topic is called "Spacegazer" we will be exploring Space, Planets, astronauts and other related topics. There are lots of great documentaries and YouTube clips that explore many elements of our topic which I will send out to you.

It would be great if you could access our Itslearning space too as there is a discussion area on it where we can share messages etc. I have sent a letter to your Parents on "How to log on," however all you need is your cloud username and password that you use in class to access your cloud folder.

Enjoy your week everyone and I look forward to seeing you all soon.

Mrs Moyer

Week 3

Here is your Parent Forecast for this term


Homelearning_grid_Year_5_PDF.pdf Reading activity Art_HL_Yr_5.pdf Dividing_2_digit_by_1_digit.pptx Divide_2_Digits_by_1_Digit_1.pdf Ninja_Week_3_session_5_.pdf Ninja_Answers.pdf AgilityAstroCourse_Student.pdf

Spanish Tasks

Year 5 - Numbers

Mrs Lenihan hopes you had a lovely Easter break and enjoyed lots of treats! This week, Mrs Lenihan would like you to practise counting in Spanish. Can you remember all the way to 39? There are lots of resources and videos online if you need some help. What about writing them down? Can you have a go? There is a lot to remember when you write the words! Which ones have accents? What happens in the twenties? What about in the thirties? Mrs Lenihan has attached a loop game for you to play. (Don't worry about the words at the top of each card, that is just to play the game out loud when we are back at school). It is like a set of domino cards. Start with uno and it has 8 next to it so the next card will be ocho, which has 32 next to it so you will need treinta y dos etc. There are 36 cards and if you follow the pattern correctly it should loop back to uno! Good luck! You could also cut the cards in half so you have a set of words and a set of digits. Can you put the number words in order? Match them to the number? Play pairs with the cards? Ask someone to secretly take one away and work out which one is missing? Any games you like! Mrs Lenihan would love to see some photographs of you playing! Another game you could try this week is our Hide the Thimble game. Hide a small object in your house or garden and ask a family member to try and find it. Count to 39 (in Spanish of course!) and use your voice getting louder and quieter to tell them if they are close by or far away. Play any of these number games this week in order to keep counting!


Week 4

Hello Year 5! Hope you are all well? Have you finished eating all of your chocolate Easter eggs yet? I've still got a few left, I may make them into chocolate crispy cakes, hmmmm not too sure!

Please find below the learning grid for Week 4 and the attachments.



Free_verse_poetry_steps.pdf Free_verse_poetry.pdf Free_verse_poetry.pdf


Multiplication_code_crackers.pdf Ultimate_Times_Tables_Tests_Year_5.pdf Year_5_dividing_2_digit_numbers_continued.pdf Series_A_Numeracy_Ninjas_Skill_Book_5_Sessions_dragged_.pdf Flash_back.pdf Day_1_Monday_2nd_March_2020_dragged_.pdf




Spellings_Year_5.pdf Handwriting_Practice_Continuous_Cursive.pdf

Art ideas





Mrs Lenihan’s Spanish Challenge this week includes a video file that we are unable to load onto this website. It is however over on Its Learning and we hope you will all be able to watch it and complete the task from there. ¡Gracias! Any problems please get in touch.


Y5_Video_question_sheet.pdf Y5_Video_answer_sheet.pdf