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Do you like my little poem? Sums up how I feel very well. We will be back together soon - you don't get rid of me that easily! Heehee

First and most importantly - I need your pictures please! (Please choose a picture of yourself or a selfie that you would like to have next to your writing. It could be a picture of you doing your favourite thing or simply you smiling at the camera. the box for the picture will be about 4cm x 4cm so there's not much room so please choose wisely. Close up pictures of your face work best. when you've chosen a picture, simply send it to Mrs Todd at - Thank you!!!) The other thing I really need you to start is the piece of writing all about you for the Leavers' Book too (more details are below - I'm just helping you from a distance that's all). Thank you so much!!!

Wk 4 (beg 27.4.2020)

Well Year 6, here we are again! Another Monday!


Maths: Divide10_100_1000_Mental_Maths_1_EMW_copy.pdf x10_100_1000_Mental_Maths_1_EMW_copy.pdf PUZZLE_copy.pdf Maths_Ninjas_27_4_2020.pdf Maths_Ninjas_27_4_2020_answers.pdf

English: GR_questions_27_4_2020.pdf Tom_Daley.pdf

All the information for the other subjects are on the Home Learning Grid. I'm missing you all and I hope to see you all soon!

A few extra bits ...

Don't forget TT Rockstars too. I've sent you all new challenges today! Bring it on!

Link to fraction games to revise your learning:

This is also a fantastic time to practise your punctuation: your use of commas, colons, semi-colons etc. There are loads of fun games online to practise this, some of which can be found on some of the websites below.

Furthermore (Whoo! Got my favourite connective in guys - hope you're proud!), some of you have commented recently about the speed at which I type. You could always practise, there are a lot of different games online.,

Joe Wicks PE lessons:

Other useful websites that may help you:

Wk 3 (beg.20.4.2020)

Home_Learning_Grid_Year_6_20_4_2020.pdf Maths_Mystery_Answers.pdf Maths_Ninja_20_4.pdf Maths_Ninja_20_4_answers_.pdf Belts_Ninja_Maths.pdf Multiply_by_10_100_and_1000.pdfHorizontal_Format_Multiply_by_10_100_and_1000.pdfAnswers_Multiply_by_10_100_and_1000.pdfPowerPoint_Divide_by_10_100_and_1000.pdfHorizontal_Format_Divide_by_10_100_and_1000.pdfAnswers_Divide_by_10_100_and_1000.pdf

GR_questions_20_4_2020.pdf Examples_of_writing_for_the_Yearbook.pdf Writing_for_Leavers_Book.pdf Spanish.pdf


Wk 2 (beg.

Home-Learning Grid 30.3.2020GR questions 30.3.2020 PEE exampleMetaphors, similes, personificationInstructions.pdf1st.pdf2nd.pdf1st.pdf2nd.pdf1st.pdf2nd.pdf1st.pdf2nd.pdfVindaloo_Maths.pdfMaths_Mystery.pdf

Big thank you to Will for sending me his Chinese New Year Powerpoint: Chinese_new_year_.pptx and to Amalie for her powerpoint all about China:Facts_about_China_Amalie_.pptx Thank you to David too, here is his Powerpoint: Presentation_5.pptx

Mrs Lenihan has also sent you a Spanish job, I'm hoping you know what you're doing, I am very confused! Also why is there upside now exclamation marks in what she's written! I'll have to find out, very confusing!


Wk 1 (beg. 23.3.2020)