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Update: - 1.2.2021

Welcome Back Everyone!!

Update: - 25.1.2021

Update regarding the opening of schools on 1/2/2021 - Letter_25th_Jan_21.pdf

Update: - 21.1.2021

Newsletter - Marown_Newsletter_Spring_21_pdf.pdf

Update: - 7.1.2021

Updated information regarding the use of ItsLearning and Teams - ItsLearning_Guide.pdf

Letter for parents of children attending the St John's School Hub - Hub_parent_letter_1.pdf

Update: - 6.1.2021

Dear Parents

RE: Closure of Schools due to Coronavirus Hub School / ‘Its Learning’ Online Learning Platform

As we unfortunately enter another period of lockdown, I am writing to inform you about our plans for the Hub School and Remote Learning during the current school closure.

We know that parents/carers will seek to keep their children safe by keeping them at home and will follow the Government’s advice. We very much appreciate your support in this and know that, if we all work together, we have the best chance of reducing the spread of Covid-19.

The Government has asked parents to keep their children at home wherever possible, and asked schools to remain open only for those children who are designated as ‘vulnerable’ or are the children of ‘key workers’.

It is important to understand that:

• If it is possible for children to stay at home then they should.

• Parents/carers should also do all they can to ensure children are not mixing socially in a way that could spread the virus. They should observe the same social distancing principles as adults.

• Many parents who are key workers may be able to ensure their child is kept at home. Every child who can be safely at home should be, an example would be if one parent is not a key worker and are at home, the child can stay home.

• The fewer children making the journey to school and the fewer children in educational settings the lower the risk that the virus can spread and infect vulnerable individuals in wider society.

• Parents can choose to keep children away from school without any concern of repercussion.

Secondary and primary schools with special needs units attached have been asked to stay open with staff to look after our most vulnerable children and the children of key workers.

Our Hub will include the following schools:




St John’s



St. John’s

From Thursday 7th January 2021 children who are identified as vulnerable or whose parents are in the following groups can attend one of the above Hub Schools.


For tomorrow, we ask that children attending the hub school at St John’s arrive at the front entrance of St John’s school and they will be met by a member of staff. The times of the school day are 8.50am start and 3.30pm finish. Children can be collected earlier by prior arrangement. They will need a water bottle, any medication and no uniform is required. Masks are optional.

In order to properly safeguard children and young people, pupils should not alternate between hub schools but, wherever this is possible, attend the same hub school each day.

School catering services are intending to provide hot lunches in school from Thursday for all children who attend the Hub School. Additional cleaning arrangements will also be put in place.

Online learning:

All children in school have access to an online learning platform called ‘Its Learning’. This online space provides the pupils with opportunities to extend their learning at home, join in discussions, take part in surveys, celebrate their learning and to provide another means for communication between members of the class. Its Learning can be accessed through a web browser, or via a free app available for Apple and Android devices from the respective app stores. Please find login information for your child’s year group below.

In terms of security, the ‘Marown Primary School Hub’ can only be accessed by pupils of the school, and individual class pages can only be accessed by members of each class. The system is password protected for additional security. When using the site, it is essential that pupils only leave useful and positive remarks.

In line with the Department for Education, Sport and Culture’s (DESC’s) Remote Learning Protocol, we will be using Its Learning as our main means of communication between teachers and pupils. Each year group in school has their own page where learning activities will be posted up on a regular basis during the school closure. Pupils should check their class page daily where possible, but certainly at least weekly. Its Learning includes a messaging facility to enable pupils and teachers to communicate with each other regarding learning.

As we are a part of the ‘St. John’s Hub School’, teachers will be teaching children in the hub school and will therefore not be able to deliver ‘live lessons’ throughout each day. However, teachers will be available for a time period each day for online support, or just for a catch up and to answer any queries . Invitations for face to face sessions will be shared by teachers on class pages. These sessions will be delivered through Microsoft Teams. In order to comply with safeguarding requirements and with DESC’s guidance for pastoral support during school closures, we will expect to see every pupil not attending the Hub School face to face (ie. in a Teams meeting) AT LEAST once per week. Class Teachers will be monitoring attendance and are required to refer any cases where a pupil has not joined a meeting for over a week to the Education Welfare / Attendance Officer, who may take further action to ensure pupil safety. Pupils do not need to stay in a meeting for a whole session, but must ensure that their teacher has acknowledged their attendance before leaving. Please find below a ‘how to’ to assist with accessing Microsoft.

If you have problems accessing Its Learning or Microsoft Teams, please e-mail and we will try to rectify the issue as soon as possible.

Yours sincerely,

Mrs A Jackson (Acting Headteacher)

Update : - 4.05.20

A big thank you to everyone who has accessed our Itslearning page over the last few weeks. We understand that it has been a new challenge to login and navigate your way around the page and your child's classroom resources, however we are delighted to see so many of you interacting with it, so thank you. All remote learning is accessible through our Itslearning page along with some projects, competitions and links to some useful websites. If you are having any difficulties with logging onto the site, please contact us and we will help in any way we can.

Take care everyone.

The Marown team

Update: - 21.04.20

Just a little note to say that we are really appreciative of all of your flexibility, positivity and patience during these trying times and hope that you and your families are well. Our goal is to provide learning opportunities while schools are closed but also to eliminate as much stress as feasibly possible for children, parents, and teachers.

Our Itslearning learning hub is now live with opportunities for discussions and communications with teachers and children. We hope that you will be able to access this learning platform, however please do get in touch if you have any issues logging in.

Take care

The Marown team

Update: - 29.03.20

We hope that you are well and managing to adjust to what is a very difficult time for all. By Monday morning your child's home learning grid will have been attached to the website. This will be the last learning grid until after the Easter period. Please stay safe and well and we look forward, very much, to seeing you all in the not too distant future.

From us all at Marown school

Below is a guideline for home learning during these unprecedented times and we hope this goes some way to provide a degree of consistency during this unsettling time.

Marown Primary School Protocol for home learning: -

While your child is off school, your class teacher has been asked to set a weekly learning grid for your child to engage with, along with any other links or websites that might offer further learning opportunities. Choice over tasks will be encouraged to give pupil’s ownership and to ensure that they can be suitably challenged.

It is important to understand that no amount of preparation or resources will replicate the typical school day and any attempt to provide educational continuity will be carried out with the aim of supporting parents in the education of their child as best we can, given the unprecedented situation facing our Island community.

Technology can be a huge enabler for supporting learning whether that is at school or at home. We intend to use this to communicate learning tasks for children to engage with and of course update parents with information and advice.

What parents can expect

Every Monday your child’s class teacher will release a weekly learning grid that will contain a variety of tasks and suggested resources that your child can choose from while they are off.

All communication will go through the school administrator. Please do not contact teachers directly at this time via email or social media. If there is an urgent concern, please contact the school administrator at and your email will be forwarded accordingly. Response times will vary depending on the concern and availability of the intended recipient.

Online safety

Many suggested tasks or resources will involve children going online. Children should already be familiar with key messages about staying safe online. Any sustained period of online activity should be monitored. Children also need to be equipped with the tools to ensure that their experience is safe and how to respond should the need arise. Resources to support online safety can be found at:

Feedback on learning

Teachers will not be expected to provide feedback on any activities provided in the learning packs. Parents are of course encouraged to provide praise and support for their children who are carrying out the tasks provided.

Routines are important

In a chaotic and uncertain world, schools can provide a structure that is comforting to a child. Losing this routine can leave children unsettled. Think about when your child will do best with more structured times, and when you need your child to be independent for your own sanity or work schedule.

Invite your child to help you create a routine and try to stick with it. Build in breaks, and if you can, try to find time for your child to go outside. Think about spaces that are best for working and learning—sharing these can be challenging. Try to carve out a corner or counter space for your child to consistently work.

Establish screen time guidelines

Talk through screen time ahead of time, so that your child knows what the expectations are.

Independence is important

Allow a young child to practice tying their shoes or an older child an opportunity to solve a puzzle or problem without solving it for them. Likewise, don’t feel as though you need to rush in to fix every problem. Invite children to come up with their own solutions or try things first without coming to you for assistance.

Help with household chores

Help your child to identify some daily chores they can accomplish on their own as a part of the routine.

Keep up skills, with an accent on fun

It never hurts to practice basic skills, but allow for children to do this creatively. Playing cards and using dice can be a wonderful tool for reviewing math skills. Cooking offers ample opportunities to apply ratios or measure out fractions.

Make time for literacy

Reading can mean many things. Children can read directions to a game, read a book to a younger sibling, read a comic, read a newspaper story, read a biography, cut up a newspaper and arrange the words into a poem. They can write a letter to a far-off friend or a nearby neighbour who might need support, or draw a picture of what happens next in a story or movie.

Go easy on yourself

Do what you can. These are difficult and uncertain times for parents and children. Parents will feel stressed, and children will, too. Talk about this with your child, explain how you manage stress, and invite children to help think through ways they can be more helpful or ways you can both make a difference in your own community or family.

If you can, have fun

Build a fort. Have an indoor picnic. Take a walk. Make a pie. Create playlists. Have a dance party in the kitchen. Write funny tweets about how hard this is.

Take care of yourselves and your families.

Marown School team

Here are some free websites that may be useful: -



Please find above some butterfly activities that have been kindly given to us by Dawn from the Manx Wildlife Trust. Dawn has gently requested that these activities are not sent in to her, however we really appreciate the activity to try at home in our gardens. Thanks Dawn.

Why not be creative and have a go at the Junior Achievement's competition to make a rocket ship our of recycled items. Find out more here:

Please click on the link above to download some great packs on how to encourage thoughtful conversations.

You can listen to free audio books and take part in lots of other great ideas on:

E-safety rules can be practised with the games on this site:

Why not have a go at some indoor PE, Joe Wicks (personal trainer) is doing a daily PE lesson:

For anyone that likes dancing Oti Mabuse from Strictly is also doing some live classes on her Facebook page.

For the philosophers amongst you, why not have a go at some P4C brainsqueezers here:

There are lot of fantastic different activities available on the David Walliams website (, but he will also be releasing a new 15-20 audio story at around 11am each day called the "Elevenses":

We have also attached an electronic copy of the Marown 60, in case you'd like to complete some of these too. Marown 60

Class R

Class 1

Class 2

Class 3

Class 4

Class 5

Class 6

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