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Fostering curiosity and challenge within a fair, safe and respectful community

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Marown School Vision

At Marown School we value all members of our community and strive to work together to provide a safe and inviting environment, where everyone is able to do their best.

Through the use of a bespoke curriculum, we ensure a breadth of study that demonstrates a balance between skills and knowledge. Our approach is well-rounded and incorporates academic, creative, cultural and physical activities. We make use of technology to enrich our curriculum and also recognise the value of learning experiences beyond the classroom.

Teachers are encouraged to generate learning opportunities that are innovative, inspiring and creative. We celebrate the achievements and successes of pupils and uphold consistent high expectations in relation to behaviour, inclusion, safety and challenge within learning. We place high value on skills and progression within the core subject areas. We create an environment that all stakeholders take pride in, and show respect for possessions and equipment, as well as each other. We use the learning language, generated within the school, which is appropriate for the age and level of development for each child.

Relationships within the school community are based on mutual respect and we communicate with each other in adherence to this. We recognise the value in solid partnerships with parents and carers, and we work hard to foster positive relationships.

We understand the importance of consistent, clear and regular communication, working collaboratively with parents and carers to support and encourage all pupils.

Through the supportive and nurturing culture that runs throughout the school, we prioritise the well being of all pupils and staff. Our inclusive approach means that all members of the school community feel valued and respected.

Our local culture and Manx heritage is embraced and celebrated within learning opportunities across the school. We uphold Manx traditions, work hard to develop local community links and take pride in our community. Teachers are encouraged to include learning opportunities linked with local heritage, making use of visits to heritage sites where appropriate.

At Marown School we understand the importance of the education and development of the whole child for life-long learning. We tailor our practice and approach, where appropriate, to align with the individual needs and abilities of each child.

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