Our vision is to support a child on their journey of learning and become:

A life long self-motivated learner where individual interests have been nurtured, through a creative and challenging curriculum creating a thirst for knowledge.

A capable communicator who has learnt to express himself/herself clearly, listening to the ideas of others yet having the courage to remain true to his/her values. Confident to use a range of technology and media.

A confident happy person with high self esteem and self respect; with the resilience to persist and strive for their dreams. A creative thinker ready to approach challenges by drawing on a range of skills, thinking styles and with the confidence to take risks.

A productive citizen of the future who has developed understanding and respect for others through involvement with the wider community and awareness of cultural, ethnic and religious diversity. A citizen who actively takes a responsibility to improve his/her world, valuing his/her fellow citizens and embracing their differences.

An enthusiast for life who has been encouraged to lead a healthy and physically active life.


To promote a caring and happy atmosphere for all groups in the school community to feel welcome and flourish, and which is conducive to learning, security and progressive child development.

To promote and provide pastoral care of the children.

To promote an environment that recognises the benefit of a healthy body and a healthy mind.

To maximise opportunities in teaching and learning to ensure a high quality personalised education programme is provided for every child, which capitalises on individual strengths, talents and interests.

To equip all children with skills for learning and skills for life and promote independence.

To equip all staff with knowledge and skills to progress their development and understanding of their role in relation to educating our children.

To promote pupil self-discipline, respect, responsibility and independence recognising the responsibilities of all groups of people in the school community.

To encourage professional staff/pupil relationships and maintain full co-operation with parents.

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Our Ethos At Marown School we provide all children and staff with a secure, happy learning environment where expectations and challenge are very high, and nobody is afraid to make and learn from their mistakes. We believe that the development of the ‘who…

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