• The Marown Learning Jungle provides an excellent opportunity to develop enthusiastic, self-motivated and independent learners.
  • To help our children remember the skills that will help make them lifelong learners we have created six Marown Learning Jungle animals.
  • Each one features a specific lifelong learning quality, a specific learning disposition and is linked to one of our six school values.
  • The Marown Learning Jungle will ensure successful pupils at Marown: as Individuals, as Learners, as Critical Thinkers and as Global Citizens.
  • Our Learning Jungle animals are Cheetah, Ant, Squirrel, Tortoise, Elephant and Owl.
  • The Marown Learning Jungle covers: Developing a growth mindset (Carol Dweck) Six Thinking Hats (Edward De Bono)
  • Visual Maps for Learning (David Hyerle) UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. Marown School values and learning skills.


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Our Ethos At Marown School we provide all children and staff with a secure, happy learning environment where expectations and challenge are very high, and nobody is afraid to make and learn from their mistakes. We believe that the development of the ‘who…

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